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I Need Help

Hi, there.

I very recently joined this community because I need help, and you all seem like a nice group of people.

I apologize if this post is inappropriate for this community, and I will gladly remove it if asked.

Here's the scenario:

I am a college student living with my dad in an apartment whose landlord will not allow us to have companion animals. Before I moved in with my father, I had a cat named Makuro. When I moved to my dad's apartment, which was necessary because of unfortunate and uncontrollable circumstances, I couldn't bring Makuro with me. My sister and her husband have been fostering him for me.

I have been planning, and still plan, to move into my own cat-friendly apartment, but there have been difficulties delaying the process.

My sister and brother-in-law, because of recent and similarly uncontrollable circumstances, are moving tomorrow to an apartment where companion animals are not allowed; and unless I find new homes for both Makuro and their own cat, Onyx, both kitties will be surrendered to a shelter. I realize that sending them to a shelter isn't the worst thing that could happen to them, but I want to avoid that option as much as possible.

I still want to have them live with me once I get an apartment, which I am working to get by the end of this spring, so I am trying to find them a new long-term foster home.

Seeing as there's so little time to arrange this, my current focus is finding them, at least, short-term fostering of, perhaps, a few days or a couple of weeks until I can find them a new long-term foster home.

Makuro and Onyx are black, short-haired male cats. Onyx is at least three years old and Makruo is over two years old. Onyx is neutered, but Makuro isn't. They are not declawed (and I do not want them to be declawed).

Though money is very tight, I will help pay for their food, litter, and other necessary care-related costs.

They are sweet boys and I love them so much. I would love it if they could find a safe, loving, drug-free, and smoke-free foster home.

I am trying to spread the word to as many people as I can with the hope that someone will soon offer to foster them.

If anyone here is able to help, or knows anyone who is able to help, please, let me know as soon as possible. You can send me a LiveJournal message.

At the very least, I ask you to spread this message to those who you think can help.

Thank you.



P.S. I am in Lowell, Massachusetts, and Makuro and Onyx are in Malden, Massachusetts.
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