Christin1065 (liz1065) wrote in petsonthecouch,

Another Cat Question

Speaking of introductions... I have another question. Salem, the indoor/outdoor male neutered brown/tabby cat was originally an only pet (other than my bunnies on their veranda and a hamster). Then TC came into the picture and they adjusted OK, they even played some. Well, then came mom's mother's day present, Sassy - whose birthday is also the first week in March like TC. TC had a play-mate, Salem was not amused.
Two months later my brother found two pups on the side of the road next to the caracass of their mom. Salem really wasn't amused.
He only uses the inside to sleep on one of the chairs or beg and eat his food but we even had to make the poor 16lb cat a kitty pedistal so the dogs wouldn't eat his food. He had a hard time with that.
He bats and hisses at Sass and the girls whenever they come near him. But the worst is when he is knocking at the door to come in and Sass (who is still struggling w/ her potty training at 7mos) is doing the pee pee dance at the same door, it's practically a stand-still and, unfortunately, I scold him. Mom's really worried we're going to alienate Prince Salem from his housedom and he'll find somewhere else to live. He's hung in there for months of the new arrangement but I wanted to know if there was any way to make things smoother for him to where he doesn't feel threated by sass and the little half-pints. P.S. - I'm not thinking it's a size issue cuz he was doing this when him and Sass were both 16lbs and the pups are probably 5lbs ea at 2 mos. (think they have chihuahua in 'em).
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