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can anyone here help me with my problem.
Ecco, the he-cockatiel (a cock a guess) likes pillows, socks, socks on feet and towles.

now I know it's important to bond with your bird, play with your bird and give them "wing exercize" aka, give them "run of the house"
my "new" problem is Ecco, when loose wants to spend time with the inanimate objects of his desire....he isn't mating with them (yet?), he just sits, somtimes courts...but damn that bird will sit for HOURS...yes hours on end on a towl.

On my days off (don't have college classes Tues and Thurs) i'm home, and it would be nice of me to do the dishes.

one problem, yesterday this wacko flew into the kitchen and perched on this thingy we have, for drying towls.

thankfully i got him off by throwing a differnt towl onto a counter. he sits, squeeks and looks buff.

He will attack me if i touch it..I threw a towl he pooped on, into the ajointing room...he went for my face (i have a "good" picture of the underside wing of a bird if you wish to see) after saving my face he sat with that damn thing for houres..he didn't want to be with me, and when he "did" he landed on my shoulder and made this "huufufhfnsusnsunfnfufnufnufnff" sound and was doing the weird beak-to-target rub, like as if he were slaping me.

it was an intersting adventure getting him back into his room.

take towl 1, thow. take towl 2 throw...grab towl 2 and RUN!...take towl 2 and RuN.

after coaxing he got to the livng room hisself.
now the hard part.

basicly the same...throwing towls around. he got on his cage. but 3 times hopped onto the key board (No means continue doing this please)
so i threw one towl on the ground, which he cooed to and check to see if his "bay-bee" was alright.

"thats it" I take towl 2, drape it over him (when courting towls he'll allow me to put on on him, in a foot freenzy he's very violent) and i scooped him into his cage.

also, if you let him talk to your sock-footed-foot he'll get violent, if you try to walk around he'll bite you in the face, you must shield your eyes, which then results in a nip on the hand. This is the hardest time to put him back in the cage. I kid you not he'll chase you around the house.

it's just the singing and dancing is so cute.

am i a bad bird owner? what can be done? how do i change is sexual orientation (bird is bi when it comes to fabric...I think, i mean he'll let a towl "mount" him...hasn't mounted any yet, but courting is one step in love's game)

can you help me? would it be wrong to use a butterfly net when he goes on his "foot frenzzys"?

why dose he like thies things and are males normaly this violent?

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