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Bird recommendations and solicitations.

Back when I first joined this group, I posted my recommendations on things. I'm going to update it now, and also add that I'd love to see what preferences people have on their parrot stuff. :)

CAGES: I bought my first Island cage for my Sun conure. We currently own four (and two crappy petsmart cages for outside and foster birds). I adore them. I adore the outside feeders. I adore the removable grid and seed skirt. They're easy to clean, easy to care for the birds, and actually quite attractive. C&L Aviary Online has a lovely selection of them. We currently own a Maui, a Cozumel, and two Fijis, all dometops.

FOOD: Other than the assorted variety of veggies and other things, our birds eat four brands of pellets as their basic diet. Harrison's, Roudybush, Scenic, and TOP. They also get Crazy Corn and Beak Appetit once or twice a week.

FOOD DISHES: It's all about Fenix Crocks in my household. That and the screw onto the cage bars Smart Crocks are really useful for coaxing birds to eat if need be, and/or giving treats.

TOYS: I firmly believe I've kept Claudia from Chopper's Toys in business for the last year. Her toys are fantastic, and the birds, every one of them, love them deeply, especially the Odd Balls -- Hot Taballes and Pasta Planets. I've also had great luck with Birdie Bagels and Birdie Bogglers from Your Parrot Place. I've not yet gotten my first shipment from Grey Feather Toys, but they seem to have a good selection.

CLEANING: Poop Off is fantastic stuff. It really does remove poop. And for those of us who don't have a newspaper subscription, moving paper (which is just plain white newsprint) is fantastically cheap and lasts forever. If you measure your cage and do a little shopping, you can get a lot and have it fit your cage almost perfectly.

PERCHES: Wayne's Parrot Stuff makes fantastic in cage perches and playgyms and toys. We've probably got a dozen of his in cage perches, and two playgyms, and I'm really happy with them.

BOOKS: (All links here go to, who I also believe I've kept in business.) Birds for Dummies is an excellent basic book. Guide to a Well Behaved Parrot is absolutely the best book on behavior and how to get along with your bird that I've ever read. Along those lines, The Second-Hand Parrot is also very good at explaining some of the issues and joys of taking in rehomed birds. (Apparently this book is out of stock at both Amazon and B&N, so I am linking to eBay) Also in the behavior front, Sally Blanchard's Companion Parrot Handbook is quite good. I prefer Mattie Sue Athan's writing style, but that's just a personal preference, nothing to do with the writing.

And I think that wraps it up for now. What sort of parrot stuff has really pleased you?
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