I solemnly swear that I am up to no good (kakskiv) wrote in petsonthecouch,
I solemnly swear that I am up to no good

African Grey question.

X-posted like crazy.

The african grey at work has a lose feather that's hanging a little wonky. I figured it would fall off, like they usually do, but now it's causing him pain :/

Whenever the feather touches something or he grooms himself and it goes into an awkward positiong, he'll scream like crazy and it's obvious that this is NOT good for him. Inbetween these occations, he's acting perfectly fine though. He's on my shoulder now, making his usual noises (right into my left ear, I am gonna go deaf one of these days:P), and saying "good day" to people, but I am feeling a little nervous, cause if the feather falls the wrong way or starts hurting him in some other way, he'll scream and probably bite hold of my ear or something.

Will it fall out? Does it have to be PULLED out? Cause I can't do that on my own.. is there any way he can pull it out on his own? He's done this with lose feathers before, but then they haven't seemed to cause him any pain..

I'm a bit worried, cause tomorrow is sunday, so he'll be on his own, and I'm scared he'll start hurting a lot, or that it might break off and start bleeding? Eek.. It seems to be lose at the "root" though, so if it breaks off, I expect the whole thing will go? *sigh* That guy is causing me way too much worry :/
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