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Thursday, January 28th, 2010
11:00 pm
I Need Help
Hi, there.

I very recently joined this community because I need help, and you all seem like a nice group of people.

I apologize if this post is inappropriate for this community, and I will gladly remove it if asked.

Here's the scenario:

I am a college student living with my dad in an apartment whose landlord will not allow us to have companion animals. Before I moved in with my father, I had a cat named Makuro. When I moved to my dad's apartment, which was necessary because of unfortunate and uncontrollable circumstances, I couldn't bring Makuro with me. My sister and her husband have been fostering him for me.

I have been planning, and still plan, to move into my own cat-friendly apartment, but there have been difficulties delaying the process.

My sister and brother-in-law, because of recent and similarly uncontrollable circumstances, are moving tomorrow to an apartment where companion animals are not allowed; and unless I find new homes for both Makuro and their own cat, Onyx, both kitties will be surrendered to a shelter. I realize that sending them to a shelter isn't the worst thing that could happen to them, but I want to avoid that option as much as possible.

I still want to have them live with me once I get an apartment, which I am working to get by the end of this spring, so I am trying to find them a new long-term foster home.

Seeing as there's so little time to arrange this, my current focus is finding them, at least, short-term fostering of, perhaps, a few days or a couple of weeks until I can find them a new long-term foster home.

Makuro and Onyx are black, short-haired male cats. Onyx is at least three years old and Makruo is over two years old. Onyx is neutered, but Makuro isn't. They are not declawed (and I do not want them to be declawed).

Though money is very tight, I will help pay for their food, litter, and other necessary care-related costs.

They are sweet boys and I love them so much. I would love it if they could find a safe, loving, drug-free, and smoke-free foster home.

I am trying to spread the word to as many people as I can with the hope that someone will soon offer to foster them.

If anyone here is able to help, or knows anyone who is able to help, please, let me know as soon as possible. You can send me a LiveJournal message.

At the very least, I ask you to spread this message to those who you think can help.

Thank you.



P.S. I am in Lowell, Massachusetts, and Makuro and Onyx are in Malden, Massachusetts.
Saturday, March 11th, 2006
4:30 pm
African Grey question.
X-posted like crazy.

The african grey at work has a lose feather that's hanging a little wonky. I figured it would fall off, like they usually do, but now it's causing him pain :/

Whenever the feather touches something or he grooms himself and it goes into an awkward positiong, he'll scream like crazy and it's obvious that this is NOT good for him. Inbetween these occations, he's acting perfectly fine though. He's on my shoulder now, making his usual noises (right into my left ear, I am gonna go deaf one of these days:P), and saying "good day" to people, but I am feeling a little nervous, cause if the feather falls the wrong way or starts hurting him in some other way, he'll scream and probably bite hold of my ear or something.

Will it fall out? Does it have to be PULLED out? Cause I can't do that on my own.. is there any way he can pull it out on his own? He's done this with lose feathers before, but then they haven't seemed to cause him any pain..

I'm a bit worried, cause tomorrow is sunday, so he'll be on his own, and I'm scared he'll start hurting a lot, or that it might break off and start bleeding? Eek.. It seems to be lose at the "root" though, so if it breaks off, I expect the whole thing will go? *sigh* That guy is causing me way too much worry :/
Saturday, October 16th, 2004
11:56 am
Another Cat Question
Speaking of introductions... I have another question. Salem, the indoor/outdoor male neutered brown/tabby cat was originally an only pet (other than my bunnies on their veranda and a hamster). Then TC came into the picture and they adjusted OK, they even played some. Well, then came mom's mother's day present, Sassy - whose birthday is also the first week in March like TC. TC had a play-mate, Salem was not amused.
Two months later my brother found two pups on the side of the road next to the caracass of their mom. Salem really wasn't amused.
He only uses the inside to sleep on one of the chairs or beg and eat his food but we even had to make the poor 16lb cat a kitty pedistal so the dogs wouldn't eat his food. He had a hard time with that.
He bats and hisses at Sass and the girls whenever they come near him. But the worst is when he is knocking at the door to come in and Sass (who is still struggling w/ her potty training at 7mos) is doing the pee pee dance at the same door, it's practically a stand-still and, unfortunately, I scold him. Mom's really worried we're going to alienate Prince Salem from his housedom and he'll find somewhere else to live. He's hung in there for months of the new arrangement but I wanted to know if there was any way to make things smoother for him to where he doesn't feel threated by sass and the little half-pints. P.S. - I'm not thinking it's a size issue cuz he was doing this when him and Sass were both 16lbs and the pups are probably 5lbs ea at 2 mos. (think they have chihuahua in 'em).
Friday, October 15th, 2004
8:04 pm
Hi, I was wondering how common it was for cats to use their paws to direct your hands (to be petted or fed what you're holding)?

Would a cat have to have ragdoll breed in it to be prone to being limp when you hold her or if she wants to lay on you just flopping on her side (and relying on you to catch her)? (No, she doesn't show any signs of neurological disorder.)

How common are things like this? Like if we were to get her a mate would s/he be likely to as laid-back and human-friendly? If she had a friend would she hang out with us less or love on us less?

We're considering waiting til 'kitty season' (around march) when there's more litters that need to be hand-raised and homed and let her pick her friend. Any comments?

Are Siamese really smart? Are they smart like getting-into-things smart or what? Are they less social?

X-posted to other cat-related communities
Friday, August 27th, 2004
2:28 pm
My amazing dog
Oakley is a 13 yearold cocker spanie who has occasional minor arthritis problems, cataracts, and a bad case of glaucoma that left her completely blind. So far this has not cause her any particular problems. She never memorized the furniture in my parents' house, so when I went to college I was able to take her with me. She does very well, and isn't nervous about new environments despite her blindness. She attends university classes with me occasionally, and goes to friends' houses. Here is the problem:

Oakley likes to pull over the kitchen trash can and merrily scatter the trash throughout the house. She has done this for years, but in the last few weeks she does it pretty much every time she is left alone, or thinks she has been. I will tell her goodbye and leave to do errands, and find out she dug through the trash 5 minutes later. She has plenty of exciting toys with peanut butter, liver paste, and jerky treats hiding inside. The trash can is weighted with about 15 pounds of bricks in the bottom to discourage her, and has a lid. She pulls the can over by grabbing the bag in her teeth. If the can won't go over, she simply pulls the bag out. This is impressive, since the can is about 3 feet tall, and she is a small spaniel.

Why does she persist in this behavior even when she has treat-dispensing toys around? She gets plenty of attention and exercise, and since its the summer hse is rarely left home alone.
Wednesday, April 7th, 2004
2:49 pm
can anyone here help me with my problem.
Ecco, the he-cockatiel (a cock a guess) likes pillows, socks, socks on feet and towles.

now I know it's important to bond with your bird, play with your bird and give them "wing exercize" aka, give them "run of the house"
my "new" problem is Ecco, when loose wants to spend time with the inanimate objects of his desire....he isn't mating with them (yet?), he just sits, somtimes courts...but damn that bird will sit for HOURS...yes hours on end on a towl.

On my days off (don't have college classes Tues and Thurs) i'm home, and it would be nice of me to do the dishes.

one problem, yesterday this wacko flew into the kitchen and perched on this thingy we have, for drying towls.

thankfully i got him off by throwing a differnt towl onto a counter. he sits, squeeks and looks buff.

He will attack me if i touch it..I threw a towl he pooped on, into the ajointing room...he went for my face (i have a "good" picture of the underside wing of a bird if you wish to see) after saving my face he sat with that damn thing for houres..he didn't want to be with me, and when he "did" he landed on my shoulder and made this "huufufhfnsusnsunfnfufnufnufnff" sound and was doing the weird beak-to-target rub, like as if he were slaping me.

it was an intersting adventure getting him back into his room.

take towl 1, thow. take towl 2 throw...grab towl 2 and RUN!...take towl 2 and RuN.

after coaxing he got to the livng room hisself.
now the hard part.

basicly the same...throwing towls around. he got on his cage. but 3 times hopped onto the key board (No means continue doing this please)
so i threw one towl on the ground, which he cooed to and check to see if his "bay-bee" was alright.

"thats it" I take towl 2, drape it over him (when courting towls he'll allow me to put on on him, in a foot freenzy he's very violent) and i scooped him into his cage.

also, if you let him talk to your sock-footed-foot he'll get violent, if you try to walk around he'll bite you in the face, you must shield your eyes, which then results in a nip on the hand. This is the hardest time to put him back in the cage. I kid you not he'll chase you around the house.

it's just the singing and dancing is so cute.

am i a bad bird owner? what can be done? how do i change is sexual orientation (bird is bi when it comes to fabric...I think, i mean he'll let a towl "mount" him...hasn't mounted any yet, but courting is one step in love's game)

can you help me? would it be wrong to use a butterfly net when he goes on his "foot frenzzys"?

why dose he like thies things and are males normaly this violent?

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Tuesday, March 30th, 2004
10:52 pm
Dogs, Cats, and Birds.
First, my qualifications, summarized in a few words. Six cats, five parrots, one dog. One household. :)

Some people say you should never own dogs and/or cats and parrots. I disagree, as you can see above, and to some degree, I also agree. Owning multiple species of animals adds a certain level of risk to your household. You yourself must consider the risk and whether or not it is worth it. Dogs and cats carry bacteria in their saliva that is harmful to parrots. In addition to that, dogs especially can crush a bird with a good bite (especially if the dog you have is, in my case, a pit bull :).

The other issue is that dogs and cats are predators, and birds are prey. Not only are birds prey, but they're interesting prey, because they fly away. Dogs and cats love to chase things that run away. If things don't run away, they're less fun, especially if the dogs and cats aren't hungry.

This is really really long.Collapse )
Friday, March 12th, 2004
9:26 pm
Bird recommendations and solicitations.
Back when I first joined this group, I posted my recommendations on things. I'm going to update it now, and also add that I'd love to see what preferences people have on their parrot stuff. :)

This is going to be long, I'm afraidCollapse )
Saturday, February 14th, 2004
2:56 pm
How to make a grey neurotic in one easy step.
I should have wrote 'how to teach a bird to bite' in one easy step too, but... :)

Occasionally, with birds, there are these times where things become so clear, when how easy it is to react in a way that's not mentally healthy to the bird is suddenly and sharply apparent.

So far, I've had three of those situations. The first two are old, and I'll only summarize them briefly. When we first got our Sun, I was a little afraid that he'd bite me, so he'd reach for me with his beak, and I'd pull away. Lo and behold, it took about three days before he did start biting me because I was moving away his perch! I caught that one pretty quickly, and it only took a few days for him to unlearn it.

One of our green cheeks always bit, and so I kept expecting her to bite me. And I'd get anxious, and she would. I discovered that if I took two deep breaths before asking her to step up, she wouldn't bite me! The magic of attitude. :)

And now the third. Last night, about three AM, I had gone to bed but my partner was still awake. I heard the cats doing kitty cat rodeo as usual, and then a peculiar sound that sounded almost like them playing with paper on the ground. It kept going on for a good thirty seconds, and then SO got up and checked it out. And I heard the familiar sound of Cin's questioning chirp. I, of course, sat up then, to find a scared baby bird being carried into the room attempting to burrow into things (and he's usually not very cuddly). It appears that the cats, during their running around, slammed into his cage, and he fell down and flapped hysterically at the bottom of his cage until he was rescued, scraping his cere in the process.

It took a healthy half an hour to calm him down, and convince him that he should go back into his cage, a lot of soft words and stroking. And then we left him there (after he was clearly visibly calmer, tail wags and closing his eyes), and I truly wanted to jump up and check on him every time he made the slightest sound (even moving or touching his beak to the bars of the cage). And so while worrying about this last night, I thought about parrot behavior.

Something scary happened to Cin last night, and he needed his flock to tell him that everything was okay. No one was excessively hysterical at him, only soothing and a bit worried until he calmed down. He was told often that he was brave, and everything was okay. And he knew that if he called, we'd come and get him.

But if I had given into my hysterical instincts and checked on him every five minutes, ignoring his body language (the tail wags) that so clearly said 'that's done, onto something else', he would have gone past fear to worried. What happened that was so scary? Why can't I be left alone? Why is my flock so upset?

Even worse, if I had gotten up this morning and expected him to be phobic and afraid, he would have picked that up too. Instead, I woke up, said hello, and gave him back the toy I removed last night, and he's completely his usual self.

Crisis averted for today!

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Saturday, February 7th, 2004
3:20 pm
Birdie Diets.
So, I wrote another post about converting birds to a new diet, and thought I'd add on choices on what my birds eat, as well as ask what other people have chosen to feed their parrots.

I'm long winded, so I'll cut. :)Collapse )

Now, the question is, what do you feed your birds? And how did you make that choice?
Tuesday, February 3rd, 2004
8:01 pm
Absolutely fail-proof diet conversion (at least for me :)
I'll refrain from cross posting this all over the place, but anyone who'd like to link to it here should feel free.

Diet Conversion for Birds

Most people are learning these days that seed alone is a very poor diet for birds. In fact, the experts are almost 100% agreed on this. Whether you wish to get your bird to eat more vegetables or pellets, or a mix of both, this way has worked every time for me (as well as several rescue organizations). You may have to modify it to work in adding veggies, but the basics remain the same.

My birds eat a base diet of pellets (non-colored or naturally colored), with additions of fruit and vegetables, some people food, and some cooked bird foods (Beak Appetit, Crazy Corn, etc), with the occasional bit of seed if I'm feeling generous.

And not a single one of them started on this diet.

Magic secrets behind cut (no actual magic included.Collapse )
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